LTC Athletes Combine for 3.13 GPA in Fall 2019

Release Date: 01/01/2020
Written By: Kemper-dev

Lincoln Trail College student-athletes have combined for a GPA above 3.0 for the 12th consecutive semester. In the Fall 2019 Semester, the department had a combined GPA of 3.13.


“I’m very proud of the performance of our student-athletes in the classroom,” said Athletic Director Kevin Bowers. “This is the mark that we strive for each semester as coaches and we know that our students take note of that.”


Six of the College’s seven teams had team GPA’s over 3.0, led by the golf team’s 3.60. The volleyball team finished with a 3.33 GPA followed by the baseball team with a 3.24. The women’s soccer team, which began play in 2019, had a team GPA of 3.19, the women’s basketball team had a 3.04 GPA and the softball team had a 3.03 GPA. The men’s basketball team finished with a 2.63 GPA.


Bowers says that maintaining grades is as important as winning is to the coaches and he says they consider that cumulative mark of at least 3.0 as a benchmark. He says the student-athletes also see it. “There’s no doubt that this message reaches our students and they take a lot of pride in how our department performs academically.”


Bowers says one of the reasons why student-athletes succeed at Lincoln Trail College is because there’s a great support system in place. “We have outstanding faculty that want to see our students succeed and on top of that, there’s a great support staff there to help make sure that all of our students have the resources they need to learn and grow.”


He says one of the reasons why academics is so important to the coaches is because they want their players to understand the value of an education. “We want our student-athletes to understand that they are getting a good foundation for life here. Not many people have the opportunity to play professionally, so having a good education is going to open a lot of doors for them.”

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